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Our Staff

ISRT's team of professionals brings a diverse background of skills, knowledge, and experience to your organization. Each associate has received a variety of professional certifications and brings with them over twenty years experience in the safety, occupational, and emergency response field.

"Over 60 years combined experience"

Staff certifications include Certified Safety Professional, Certified Fire Protection Specialist, Chief Fire Officer designation, Certified Fire Inspector, and Certified Building Inspector. Staff work experience includes fire chief, hazardous material response team chief, hazardous material response team coordinator, fire marshal, safety officer (developing safety and management programs for numerous public and private sector agencies), and emergency management coordinator. Staff instructor certifications and work experience include PA State Fire academy Local Level Instructor, National Fire Academy Instructor, and instructing for several Municipal and State emergency services training centers. Staff education includes degrees in business, fire administration, environmental protection, and safety management.

We also maintain a large network of contract personnel that can satisfy any requirement!

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